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In the year 1900’s, there were just a handful of brands. There were so few brands, you could count them by hand. Now, there are hundreds and thousands of brands. It is very hard to stand out and get noticed.

This is why, in this world, it’s paramount to be a great advertiser. Not a good advertiser, but a great one.

In the online world, Facebook advertising is akin to advertising on Times Square and that’s where we come in.

Our team of expert Facebook advertisers who have generated hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue from Facebook ad have sold everything from enterprise software to mobile phone cases on Facebook.

facebook ads writing cost

Every good Facebook Ad has three main qualities

Catch Attention 

When readers are scrolling through their feed at 200 kmph, a great Facebook ad should stop them in their tracks. Make them slow down or scroll back up to the ad and read/see what’s in it.

Irresistible Offer 

Provided the targeting is done right, we make an offer that one can’t refuse. Either a discount, or a free sign, or the product is too beautiful to skip

The Push

And finally, make the reader a customer by clicking on the ad by using psychological pushes such as a limited period offer, or a real-time discount.

Get the best of Facebook Ads writing exclusively at Writise.

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Up to 50 words

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Price: $19 USD

Our Process

We follow a strict process to make perfect writings.

Research and Write

  • Step 1 : We firstly, understand your business. Different kinds of ads work differently for various businesses.
  • Step 2 : We understand your objectives, maybe it is traffic, or conversion, or building your fan page. Whatever it maybe, we incorporate your objective into our strategy and planning.
  • Step 3 : We prepare the ad copy that reflects your brand’s style and also use social triggers to make the user take action



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