Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I place an order on Writise?

  1. Go to the service page of your choice
  2. Click on Order Now
  3. Choose the type of service you want and pay


How much time does it take for each service?

  1. Content writing takes one week
  2. Facebook ads writing takes two days
  3. Quora content takes two days


How many revisions can a project go through?

  1. Two revisions for content writing projects
  2. One revision for Facebook ads
  3. One revision for Quora content


What is your refund policy

You will be offered a refund based on two conditions

  • The work hasn’t begun
  • The refund is requested within 7 days from the date of payment


What all services does Writise offer?


    • Product Reviews – Digital Products, Physical Products and more


  • Product Descriptions – Get better conversions through explainer copy
  • Press Releases – Get the attention of the media with a solid press release
  • Auto Responders – Improve your email marketing with one of a kind autoresponders
  • Editing Services – Take your content to the next level with our editing services
  • Guest Blogging – Make your website a SEO powerhouse with Writise’ Guest Blogging services
  • Landing Page Copy – Make your webpage ‘money making machine’ with our landing page copy services



What if I want to get in a monthly contract with you?

Most of our services are one time projects that can be renewed on a monthly basis.


Where do I track my order?

You can track your order through our backend, where you can see the status of your project and you can also choose to communicate with the team.


What if I want to speak to somebody before I commit to an order?

Reach out to us at help@writise.com with your questions


We are a startup, how can you help us?

Most startups fail due to bad marketing. We can help startups with numerous services. We are also reasonably priced.


Do you have a bulk order discount?

Reach out to us at help@writise.com. We will give you an offer you won’t refuse 🙂


What sort of companies do you prefer to work with?

We have worked with a wide array of companies. From handyman services to retail shops to SAAS companies. We have a team of experts who focus on a niche and excel. No matter who you are or what you are looking for, we can help you!


How is Writise different from other agencies?

We are not an agency. We think of ourselves creating a product. Every word and every edit is made to order and we consider it a product. Our focus is on conversion and every action we take has conversion as the end goal.

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