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If you are an e-commerce company or you deal with multiple products, it is highly likely that you run into a major problem that is faced by companies of this type.
Writing product descriptions.

It is fairly easy to write product descriptions for one or two products, but what if you have to write descriptions for 100+ products.

Hiring somebody full time for this is a bit of an overkill, as it is a one-time effort. Hiring random content freelancers can be a solution, but they don’t know what product description copy is supposed to do.

To convert.

At Writise, conversion is in our veins. We believe every sentence should be created with the intention to make the user read the next sentence and the final sentence leads them to the purchase page.

product description writing cost

Our product descriptions aren’t just basic pieces of content. They are conversation starters with the audience. Here is our process.


Understand the user’s pain

Business is about solving a problem. Every product or service has one job and that is solving a crisis. Before the user comes to the page, as a business you should know what their problem is. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and understand their problem points.


Address the pain in a concise way

With a beautifully crafted copy, we go about addressing the concerns of your audience. How the product will help them, how easy it will make their life and so on.


Make your product stand out from the competition

Finally, to seal the deal, we make your product look good and stand out from the crowd.

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Up to 300 words

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Price: $30 USD

Our Process

We follow a strict process to make perfect writings.

Research and Write

  • Step 1 : We firstly, understand your business. Different kinds of products work differently for various businesses.
  • Step 2 : We understand your objectives and need to hear about the main features of the products so we can write better. More persuasively...
  • Step 3 : We prepare the best pitch that reflects your products.



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