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All copy isn’t the same. There is a difference between good copywriters and great copywriters. Great copywriters convert more, they sell more, they get more clicks and engagement.
When writing for ads, most amateur marketers take the mechanical approach to their copy. They write a dis-passioned copy that is bland and basic.

If you want to write ads that sell, you need to get into the audience’s mind. What do they want? What are the benefits they are looking for and more?

If you have noticed Google ads, some software makers mention their competitors in their ad with a copy such as “We are better than X”

This sort of copy piques the interest of the user and addresses the question that is in the user’s mind, which product is better?

When it comes to Google ads copywriting, the example mentioned above is the tip of the iceberg, there are many more persuasive and psychological techniques one can use to improve click-throughs.

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Writise’s Google Ads Copywriting Services

So what do we do that is special?

Understand your product

No copy can be written without understanding your product. We see what makes you tick, and what makes you different from your competitors. We take note of all these things to imbibe in our final copy.

Understand your users

Our research involves understanding your users. What your tool can do for them and how it can benefit them.

Do a simple competitor analysis

Unless you are in a completely new space, its highly likely that your customers have already run Google ads. We see their ads and take out information on how they are pitching the product, what keywords they are pushing for.

Arrive at what to write about

Based on our research of the competitors and users and the understanding of our product, our best ad copywriters get into execution mode and create compelling ad copy that is sure to bring in the clicks.

Get the best of Google Ads writing exclusively at Writise.

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Up to 50 words

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Price: $19 USD

Our Process

We follow a strict process to make perfect writings.

Research and Write

  • Step 1 : We firstly, understand your business. Different kinds of ads work differently for various businesses.
  • Step 2 : We understand your objectives, maybe it is traffic, or conversion, or building your fan page. Whatever it maybe, we incorporate your objective into our strategy and planning.
  • Step 3 : We prepare the ad copy that reflects your brand’s style and also use emotional triggers to make the user take action



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